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We Hope You Enjoyed The Operational & Organisational Resilience In Financial Services Conference! Take A Look At Our Upcoming Sister Events...

The Autumn Update Financial Services Risk & Compliance Conference

Autumn Update! 28 Industry Leaders Share New, Business-Critical Rigorous, Agile & Watertight Strategies In One Day. 22nd November 2022.

Further Risk & Compliance Strategies To Develop Frameworks That Protect Customer Outcomes With Ethical & Organisational Conduct • Achieve Mature Risk Cultures Which Strengthen Operational Resilience & Mitigate Threat • Weather New Tech Hurdles Around Cloud & AI & ESG & New Climate Frontiers

The Diversity, Gender and Mental Health in Financial Services Conferences

New Financial Service Practical Case Studies That Power Momentum & Awareness & Champion Inclusion & Belonging Impactful & Inclusive Diversity, Gender & Mental Health Strategies. 23rd November 2022.

25 HR, D&I, Gender Equality & Mental Health Champions In Financial Services Share Their Fresh & Innovative Approaches To Diversify Senior Leadership, Embed A Culture Of Belonging & Equity Into Their Strategic Plans, Drive Intersectionality & Navigate The Era Of Hybrid & Flexible Working, New Regulations & Data Insights

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