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Drive Robust, Watertight & Compliant Organisational & Operational Resilience & Risk Strategies For Financial Services

Respond Effectively To Regulatory Changes, Leverage Tech Innovations & Measure Data To Mitigate Cyber Risks – Align With Third-Parties To Create Cohesive Continuity Capabilities – Embed Resilience & Risk In Business Values & Create A Culture Of Resilience Even While WFH – Maximise Covid-19 Lessons Learned To Develop Longevity In Future Operational & Organisational Resilience Strategies

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st September 2022, The Law Society London. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.

No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

21 Resilience, Risk & Continuity Leaders In FS Share Fresh, Business-Critical Insights: Respond To Regulatory Frameworks, Develop Cyber & Cloud Security Strategies Supported By New Technologies, Secure Third-Party & Supplier Resilience, Action Data Which Evidences & Manages Resiliency & Develop A Resilient Company Culture & Engaged Workforce

  1. Bulletproof Organisational & Operational Resilience & Risk
  2.  Frameworks: Design strengthened resilience and risk framework with measured and effective responses to crises
  3. Combat Cyber & Cloud Security Threats: Mitigate cyber risk and build cyber-resilience with results-driven strategies that protect your organisation
  4. Robust Regulatory Response & Frameworks: Demonstrate compliance within the ever-changing regulatory landscape and operationalise the spirit of new regulations by 2025
  5. Practical & Cohesive Third-Party & Supplier Strategies: Establish assurance with suppliers to limit concentration risk and create seamless supply chain journeys that promote resilience
  6. Critical Realities Of Post-Pandemic, Hybrid Working: Translate the challenges of Covid and working from home into dynamic and adaptable resilience strategies for the future
  7. Data – Mapping, Measurement & Security! Use data-led measurement strategies to map, evidence and test resilience to minimise intolerable harm and effectively target privacy and security threats
  8. Foster A Culture Of Aligned Resilience & Responsibility: Establish credibility and accountability in the workforce while promoting senior-level engagement with resilience as a core business value
  9. Leverage New & Innovative Technologies: Drive productivity with innovative digital tools, solutions and frameworks that build resilience and combat cyber risk
  10. Future Risk & Horizon Scanning – Benchmarking For The Future! Future-proof your organisation with operational resilience strategies which are best prepared for unexpected crises

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PLUS! What Can You Expect From The Operational & Organisational Resilience Financial Services Conference?

  • Fresh Insights, Content & New Case Studies From FS Leaders
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Operational Resilience & Risk B) Post-COVID Lessons & WFH C) Future Risk & Horizon Scanning
  • Industry-Led Experiences & Innovation Sharing
  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up: Nationwide, HSBC, Metro Bank, Monzo Bank, Barclays & More!
  • 12 Years Leading The Conference Market

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21 Resilience, Continuity & Risk FS Thought-Leaders Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Cyber & Cloud Security - Post-COVID Lessons & WFH - Regulatory Response & Frameworks - Third Party & Supplier Resilience - Data: Mapping, Measurement & Security - Defining Operational Resilience & Risk - Company Culture & Workforce Engagement - New Technologies - Future Risk & Horizon Scanning

Drive Robust, Watertight & Compliant Organisational & Operational Resilience & Risk Strategies For Financial Services: Respond Effectively To Regulatory Changes, Leverage Tech Innovations & Measure Data To Mitigate Cyber Risks – Align With Third-Parties To Create Cohesive Continuity Capabilities – Embed Resilience & Risk In Business Values & Create A Culture Of Resilience Even While WFH – Maximise Covid-19 Lessons Learned To Develop Longevity In Future Operational & Organisational Resilience Strategies. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st September 2022, Central London.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.15 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Paul Goulding, Head of Business Continuity Resilience Management, Bupa Global & UK

Pardeep Bhatti, Director Prudential Risk, Metro Bank (UK)


09.25 Combat Security Risks With Swift Identification & Targeted Prevention Strategies To Build Cyber Resilient & Digitally-Innovative Organisations

  • With a constantly evolving threat landscape, how can Financial Services organisations establish effective channels for managing cyber incidents and cyber-attacks, and test their resilience capabilities within the cyber domain?
  • How can Financial Services improve protection for legacy systems and be quick to safely migrate systems onto the cloud to keep pace with industry-wide digital transformation?
  • Increased dependency on hybrid and remote systems presents challenges for cloud and cyber security, so what strategies can be used to deal with security issues quickly and mitigate the impact on employees, the business, and the customer?
  • Ensure sufficient controls are in place to control disaster recovery both in the cloud and on site to prevent potential loss or damage

Chris Day, Group Head Of Operational Resilience, Royal London


09:45 Moving Forward: What New Challenges Have Become Commonplace Post-Pandemic & How Have These Transformed Resilience Strategies In Financial Services?

  • Hybrid workforces: how do risk considerations shape resilience programmes and legacy changes within Financial Services?
  • Employ lessons learnt from COVID-19 to revise operational and organisational resilience frameworks, mitigate against future risk, and develop robust strategies
  • What new risks does the WFH movement present to resilience models and how can we work from home more effectively?

Sherene Jose, Head of Strategic Planning Group, London Stock Exchange Group

Chris Day, Group Head Of Operational Resilience, Royal London

Mark Pierson, Head of Incident Management & Physical Security, Nationwide Building Society

Tanya Ballaram, Global Co-Head Operations Risk and Resilience, Goldman Sachs

Sam Reason, Head of Operational Resilience & Continuity (inc Ops Strategy support), Zurich Insurance

10:25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.55 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11:25 Effectively Respond To Regulator Expectations & Provide Tangible Evidence Of Compliant & Robust Business Models That Establish Operational & Organisational Resilience

  • With the March milestone passed, how can organisations continue to demonstrate compliance with the changing regulatory landscape, and educate boards to embed and operationalise the spirit of new regulations by 2025?
  • Define the benchmarks for assessing regulatory frameworks to develop maturity as individuals, institutions, but also as a financial sector to remain accountable and continuously manage these on their multi-year journey
  • How are the regulation requirements fitting in with the other business resilience objectives around cyber, existing business continuity testing and capital requirements?
  • Reflect on how certain organisations have handled the transition towards accepting disruption to business services as inevitable and learn from best practices and good experiences
  • Enhance existing approaches around mapping, testing, remediation, and impact tolerances to continue to prioritise building resilience and coordinate with regulatory frameworks

Orlando Fernández Ruiz, Senior Technical Specialist, Recovery, Resolution & Resilience Team, Bank of England


11:45 Create Cohesive Assurance Strategies That Mitigate Concentration Risk By Aligning With Third-Party & Supplier Resilience Capabilities For Seamless & Coherent Strategies

  • Provide assurance and leverage a coherent response for monitoring thirdand fourth-party resilience capabilities to ensure they are consistent across the finance sector
  • Mitigate the increased concentration risk associated with external dependencies and outsourcing of third-party cloud providers
  • Ensure suppliers actually support core business processes and align resilience positions to establish collaborative assurance throughout the supply chain

Julien Haye, Global Head Of Non-Financial Risk, Fidelity International


12:05 Leverage Valuable Data Insights From Targeted Impact Measurement Methods To Develop Responsive Strategies That Map & Quantify Intolerable Harm As Evidence Of Strengthened Operational Resilience & Tackle Data Privacy & Security Threats

  • Defend your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy organisation by preventing issues around data security, sensitivity, and leakage to protect customers
  • How have new data protection changes shaped understanding of resilience and risk in Financial Services?
  • Develop innovative and effective methods for measuring risk data to better understand potential harm to customers and intercept these issues with targeted responses based on data insights
  • Harness the latest technological innovations that effectively and quickly prevent and respond to security threats to customer data to for increased resilience

12:25 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

12:55 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Disaster Recovery

Ruth Whitehouse, Head of Technology Resilience, Nationwide Building Society

B) Supply Chain

Andrew Beard, Global Resilience Risk Director, HSBC (Wholesale), HSBC

C) Climate Change & ESG

D) Testing

E) Reporting

F) Automation

13:25 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Paula Kershaw, MD - Chief Controls Officer – Cyber & Resilience (CSO), Barclays


13:35 Understand The Core Elements Of Operational Resilience & Risk To Complement The Implementation Of Regulations & Develop Appropriate, Tailored Models That Create Resilient Organisations

  • Define what effective and consistent operational resilience looks like for organisations to ensure you align with the requirements of the regulations and its associated challenges and opportunities
  • Develop and improve existing business continuity and resilience frameworks to embed resilience at a strategic level and drive it across end-to-end business services
  • Maintain and improve enterprise resilience to build trust that promotes an understanding of the needs of the organisation itself and its operational assets while meeting regulation requirements

Samikendra Ghosh, Global Third Party Risk Lead, Operational & Resilience Risk, HSBC

Ruth Whitehouse, Head of Technology Resilience, Nationwide Building Society

Michael Calamito, Head of Operational Resilience, Hargreaves Lansdown

Aurore Lecanon, Chief Risk Officer, Direct Line Group

Andrew Beard, Global Resilience Risk Director, HSBC (Wholesale), HSBC


14:15 Cultivate An Engaged & Informed Workforce At All Levels With Organisational & Operational Structures Which Prioritise Resilience & Accountability As Core Business Values

  • Establish a higher level of stakeholder education around resilience which encourages senior level engagement and sponsorship from the top to assure and test models and scenarios on an ongoing basis
  • Develop internal compliance systems and a culture that promotes accountability and awareness of resilience in individual employees and organisational structures
  • Engrain an enterprise-wide culture and mindset change which sufficiently trains employees in resilience planning and scenario testing to create a consciously engaged and resilient workforce
  • Align the core principles of operational risk and operational resilience in workforce engagement and move away from rigid organisational structures with independently functioning departments and silos and share information, decision making and resilience planning

Dave Pickering, Head of Operational & Resilience Risk, Virgin Money

14:35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.05 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15:35 Develop Innovative & Tech-Savvy Operational Resilience Strategies Which Employ Emerging Technologies, Enhance Frameworks, Boost Productivity & Minimise Potential Threats & Disruption

  • Build sustainable operational resilience that bolsters customer and regulator confidence by leveraging the latest technological developments and innovations to deliver tangible results
  • Moving to the cloud alters risk profiles: how can financial organisations harness digital, AI and tech solutions securely to develop resilience and evidence compliance to regulatory frameworks?
  • With an increasingly hybrid workforce, how can financial organisations ensure technological solutions complement the needs of employees with operational resilience objectives with suitable reliability, security, connectivity, and bandwidth?

Tom Hammond, Operational Resilience Director & 1st Line Risk & Control Director, Monzo Bank


15:55 What’s Next? Ensure Financial Services Organisations Are Primed For Future Risk With Outward-Looking Resilience Models That Effectively Comply With Regulations & Prepare For The Unexpected

  • What is next on the horizon for risk and resilience and how can financial organisations prepare and keep working towards aligning to the regulations
    and compliance?
  • As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, how can Financial Services continue to monitor resilience and risk models that incorporate the popularity of hybrid ways of working?
  • How can financial organisations best promote the mindset and cultural shift towards resilience at all levels to help comply with regulations as they work towards 2025?
  • It’s not all doom and gloom: what are the upcoming opportunities to flourish and develop as a resilient organisation while incorporating critical lessons learned from the past?

Iain LeCouteur, Director of Risk, AXA Insurance Company

Aidan O'Brien, Head Of Operational Risk, The Scottish National Investment Bank

Sean Titley, Director of Enterprise & Operational Risk, Metro Bank (UK)

Linda Gibson, Director, Head of Regulatory Change, BNY Mellon Pershing

16.35 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

16.45 Official Close Of Conference

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