Our Partners

Our Partners

For enterprises under pressure to ensure resilience across their technology stack, Cutover’s Collaborative Automation SaaS platform connects teams, technology, and systems, enabling better collaboration and taking the risk and cost out of IT operations. Cutover is trusted by world-leading financial institutions, including the three largest US banks and three of the world’s five largest investment banks.


Escode, a division of NCC Group, is committed to ensuring operational resilience and peace of mind for both vendors and licensees. Whether vendors are safeguarding code or investors are licensing software, Escode’s comprehensive services provide the necessary protection to safeguard investment in digital assets. As the foremost provider of escrow services globally, Escode specialises in software and technology escrow, boasting unparalleled expertise in protecting invaluable digital assets. 

With over 40 years of industry experience, Escode has earned a reputation synonymous with trust and reliability. Escode’s Escrow Verification Services serve as a crucial quality control mechanism, confirming the completeness and usability of deposited code as stipulated in the escrow agreement. This verification process provides investors with the confidence that their investments are backed by high-quality, usable code, thereby minimizing the risk of financial loss due to software dependencies.



Gieom is a leading provider of operational risk and resilience solutions. We enable financial institutions to evidence regulatory compliance and assure key stakeholders that their risk and resilience frameworks are robust and sustainable. 

With over 100 clients globally, and 12 years experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining operational resilience and risk solutions, Gieom has a proven record in helping firms to interpret regulations, meet compliance obligations, automate complex and repetitive processes, manage policies and procedures with integrity, and leverage Generative AI to strengthen operational resilience. 

Gieom’s Operational Resilience Platform enables organizations to effectively comply with operational resilience regulations being enforced across the globe. The platform offers a robust end-to-end framework for identifying critical business services, mapping resources, setting impact tolerances, managing risks and controls, analysing data, and implementing effective remediation strategies. Its modular, low-code, drag-and-drop design accelerates your journey to operational resilience and compliance, allowing rapid remediation based on identified gaps that are specific to your organization.

Our DORA 360 solution enables financial institutions to comply with the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Underpinned by Magpie AI, Gieom’s GenAI engine, DORA 360 enables firms to assess, implement and monitor their operational resilience in alignment with DORA technical standards. DORA 360 includes modules for policy mapping, process visualization, risk management, incident management reporting, supply chain management and resilience management, with both on-premises and cloud deployment options. Magpie AI also delivers instant answers to regulatory questions and automatically assesses ICT service provider contracts to reveal compliance gaps.

The modules comprising DORA 360 can also be used to conform to other IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks such as ITIL and NIST. 

DORA and other operational resilience regulations are fast approaching and will remain a permanent fixture. Gieom’s solutions, crafted in collaboration with former regulators and industry experts, empower financial institutions to meet the deadlines and maintain their operational resilience trajectory.

For more information visit www.gieom.com or our specialist DORA site www.dora360.ai 

Any questions? Contact antony.bream@gieom.com

An industry-leader in integrated resilience management technology, Noggin provides a next-generation, cloud-based software platform that combines 10 primary solutions in one platform.

Noggin’s award-winning integrated resilience workspace seamlessly unifies operational & third-party risk management, operational resilience, business continuity, incident & crisis management, emergency management, and security & safety operations.

For more, visit: www.noggin.io