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Castellan Solutions is your go-to partner for all things resilience and business continuity.

We believe that resilience management is the new way to effectively and holistically manage all the activities that prepare and protect your organization for disruption and threats.

We’ve brought the most innovative minds in our profession together to shape the future of our industry and to help organizations achieve the very real benefits that resilience management brings.



Whether you’re just getting started, need a little extra help, or want to overhaul an under-performing program, Castellan is ready to provide strategic guidance and hands-on help to strengthen the resilience of your organization.

Castellan looks at resilience management holistically, helping you break down the silos that currently exist; improving your ability to both prevent and respond to incidents.

With Castellan, you gain a strong and experienced partner that will help you identify the best way to improve business continuity, operational resilience, cyber resilience, crisis response and other resiliency areas across your unique organization.

We’ll work with you to understand where you are today with your current resilience capabilities, where you need to be in the future, and then define a clear path to bridge the gap.

Our solutions—whether consulting, software, managed services, or staffing—are fully customized to be right for you, your team, and your organization as a whole. As a result, you gain the capability and confidence you and your executive team need to protect your employees, brand, and bottom-line.

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CLDigital delivers a high performance, graphical, no-code development platform focused on building and deploying enterprise-grade risk and resilience solutions. Our SaaS solution, CL360, features unparalleled user experiences across the enterprise, configurable business process management, analytics to support data-driven decision making, and an API enabling integration with existing systems and trusted sources of data. Our support for Operational Resilience goes back to 2016, and the resulting solutions are deployed with a wide range of clients in financial services and beyond. CL360 brings data to life with fully configurable templates, boardroom worthy plan output, and the intelligence to respond and recover more quickly.